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Council of Interfaith Pagan Practices

The CIPP is the next step in legitimizing Pagan practices and religions, creating community cohesion among the different Pagan practices and beliefs.


It is our duty to hold Pagan organizations and individuals with our seal of approval to the highest standards. Those under the umbrella of our seal must sincerely seek to harbour ethics within their work and adhere to anti-bigotry, anti-appropriative, and anti-discriminatory practices.


We are dedicated to the education and development of Pagans and Pagan organizations as a necessary foundation for creating community cohesion. We will ultimately also be a source of accreditation for Pagan schools, colleges, and seminaries.


The Council does not seek to control how Pagan organizations and individuals practice but rather provide a cohesive interfaith backbone for the future growth and recognition of Pagans on a worldwide level. 

No practice bearing our seal shall restrict its membership or patronage to a specific racial group. Nor shall their membership be restricted by gender unless both cisgender and transgender persons are permitted to be involved. 


All individuals and organisations under our seal commit themselves to fair practice and research-informed education within Pagan spaces. As an extension of this, those under our seal have a duty to uphold the ethical standards as set by the Council of Interfaith Pagan Practices.


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